Jenni Griffiths, Registered Massage Therapist

Jenni has been a practicing registered massage therapist since 2002.  She enjoys working with people in all stages of life, with many different conditions, in various states whether they are maintaining the balance they have already achieved or if they are moving towards ease.   She looks forward to providing you with safe and effective massage therapy.  



Terri John, Therapeutic Bodywork

Terri, a certified body worker, graduated from the Vancouver School of Healing Arts in 2012. Terri has completed extensive training in Deep Flow Massage, Swedish Massage, and Joint Release. Her professional training has given her the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the complexity of the musculoskeletal system and how it operates.

With over six years of experience combined with a strong intuition, Terri has developed the ability to adapt her approach to meet the needs of her individual clients. Terri’s treatments address the bodies structural need for release and alignment, while promoting a general sense of both physical and spiritual well-being.

Whether your concern is acute or chronic, grounded in physical or emotional tension, Terri has the skills and ability to support you in restoring ease and balance back into the body. Terri’s clients leave feeling grounded, nourished, and energized.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Terri chose to relocate to Bowen with her family for its strong community spirit and for the opportunity to raise her children immersed in nature.





Brandee Charter, Registered Massage Therapist

Brandee's primary focus is to make sure every person receives the treatment they came for, whether that be for injury, pain, maintenance or relaxation.  Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to deal with the many challenges life sends us.  You deserve a great massage!

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